Full-time Developer Analyst

As a Developer, your skills will drive design, installation, testing and maintenance of new and existing systems. It’s not just about coding; here your scope will be far broader. As we strive to find the most brilliant solutions to the most complex technological problems, your expertise will be critical – and will help create the innovations that change colleagues and customers’ lives, now and in the future.

You’ll develop a solid understanding of the global markets and finance, making an impact right away. You’ll work in a varied and dynamic technical environment working with programs including, Windows, Unix, C++, Java, C#, NoSql, MongoDB, Linux, Python, Hadoop, scripting languages, grid computing and real-time systems. You could also be:

  • Designing products using the latest technologies
  • Providing an intelligence-led approach to cyber security
  • Developing intuitive user interfaces for applications
  • Optimizing systems and applications
  • Analyzing code to improve processes
  • Writing scripts for data pulls and analysis
  • Working with business areas to understand and meet their needs

Your learning and development involves advanced training, mentorship, feedback and guidance on everything from career paths to curriculum. You’ll learn from your team of colleagues and managers. And best of all, you’ll be contributing to a world-class technology organization.

Surrounded by people who will help you achieve your ambitions, our collaborative and supportive environment gives you the chance to build solid relationships with senior leaders and peers alike. During the program, you’ll also:

  • Participate in formal and informal training
  • Connect with junior and senior mentors
  • Attend dedicated networking sessions and other program events
  • Receive detailed performance feedback
  • Give back to the community through volunteer events

To join as a Full-time Developer Analyst, you must be a current Undergraduate or Master’s student. Beyond this, we want you to demonstrate skill and interest in programming languages, development tools, algorithms, systems design and architecture.

“There’s been a gravity shift to innovation and new technology, and it’s very exciting to be part of that.” Gyan

Program Information

Start Date:July 2020

Length:1-2 years

Requirements:Undergraduate or Master’s student with an anticipated completion date between December 2019 and June 2020


Build your skills through advanced training

Gain real world programming experience

Work with and learn from experienced developers