Summer Technology Analyst

You'll spend ten weeks in a fun, fast-paced and highly collaborative technical environment. You’ll join the team behind some of the industry’s biggest innovations – from Pingit and bPay to talking ATMs – and see your bold ideas transformed into practical, real-life solutions. At the same time, your skills will leap thanks to structured and on-the-job training. With exposure to our best tech minds, your level of knowledge will increase exponentially too

You don’t have to write code to develop innovations with the potential to make financial history. As a Summer Technology Analyst,  you can rise in The Next Reality by working with business areas to understand their needs and explain them to our technology teams. Together, you’ll create solutions that could not only boost business performance but impact millions of clients’ lives. If you want more from a tech career, this is where you need to be. We hope your experience as a Summer Analyst will give you the insight to decide if you want to join us. If you've performed well and we have roles in your area, you could be on track for a Full-time Analyst offer once your degree is finished.                                  

You’ll be part of an award-winning team that’s dedicated to your success. Here, you’ll be free to fast track your innovation skills within a friendly and supportive culture. One that's buzzing with support and collaboration as well as imagination.

Our program’s revolutionary 360° approach will support you in reaching your full potential in four ways: experiential, technical, social and fundamentals. As part of the social events, you’ll hear from some of the industry’s most renowned speakers. You’ll also get a thorough grounding in the fundamentals, including the latest financial concepts.

Your growth will be as fast-paced as our technology environment. And, through it all, you’ll be nurtured by buddies and mentors.

To join us, you'll need to demonstrate skill and interest in network engineering, database management and operating systems, project coordination and problem-solving, with the ability to act as a bridge between the business and technology solutions.

Program Information

Start Date: June 2020

Length: 10 weeks

Requirements: Undergraduate or Master’s student with an anticipated graduation date between 2020 and June 2021

Applications are now closed, in the meantime please register your interest for upcoming roles.


Drive forward change and innovative solutions to complex problems

Work with the latest technology and some of the industry’s leading people

Watch your boldest ideas transform the way we do business