Redefining the future of finance 

The Next RealityChallenges don’t get much bigger than this. And that’s why our team needs the tools and knowledge to create, disrupt and innovate. At Barclays, you’ll get them through our world-leading training, which is unique to our global business. After all, if we’re going to re-define what’s possible, we need to re-think the way we approach the challenge. So we’ve come up with a flexible, immersive experience that looks at all angles of your development - a solution that keeps pace with the fast-changing technological world and ensures you're a digital native.

“I think if I continue to be successful in my challenges, then Barclays will provide me with the opportunities to grow and spread my wings even more.” Steve


InternsThis isn’t just about learning skills for your role. It’s far more than that. For interns, there’s a revolutionary 360° approach that will help you reach your full potential in four ways: experiential, technical, social and fundamentals. This starts with immersive training, where you’ll hear from some of the industry’s most renowned speakers. You’ll also get a thorough grounding in the fundamentals, including the latest financial concepts.


ApprenticesApprentices follow a training program that’s as trail-blazing as our technology. It includes access to thousands of Pluralsight courses as well as Safari books. You'll also get on-the-job training where you’ll learn through valuable hands-on experience. And of course, there’s wide-ranging support from a mentor, career coach and technical buddy, as well as all your peers.


GraduatesGraduates build vital abilities that will support them throughout their careers. Our training is based on our own in-depth research and covers leadership, teamwork and social skills. The journey begins with a unique five-day interactive workshop, with invaluable hands-on exercises. You’ll develop in a working environment that’s buzzing with brilliant ideas and learning opportunities. Even when you move into structured development programs, the focus is on experience and collaboration to support your continuous learning journey.
At every stage, you’ll be free to grow a wide array of skills and gain qualifications. With everything from hackathons to coaching, to 6,000 Pluralsight courses, you’ll have all you need to progress and make your impact, here at our global business.

  • Hands-on exercises in strategic tech areas including Cloud, Open Source, DevOps, Data Architecture and Cyber Security
  • Group workshops where you can collaborate with peers
  • Cyber-security simulation ‘capture the flag’ event
  • Hackathons
  • Access to 6,000 Pluralsight courses from project management to coding
  • Dedicated career coach and mentor to help shape your future in tech
  • Opportunity to gain qualifications to take your tech career further