Driving new thinking through diversity

What diversity means and why it matters? 

diversity and inclusionAt Barclays, we believe our success depends on having a diverse and inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds feel confident bringing their whole selves to work.

To achieve this crucial goal, we’re delivering a global strategy to ensure that all our employees’ unique talents are valued and used to the full. Our initiatives focus on five core agendas: gender, disability, LGBT, multicultural and multigenerational.

For us, diversity is much more than a buzzword. The more we increase diversity and support each other, the more directly we can enrich our customers and the ways we do business. It strengthens our values, culture and brand. When everyone is free to achieve and progress, amazing things can happen. By unlocking each person’s potential, we can redefine the future of FinTech. In a culture that thrives on innovation and is based on real equality, everyone has the opportunity to rise in The Next Reality.

How we support Diversity & Inclusion

diversity and inclusion Firstly, we drive inclusion through our recruitment and selection practices by focusing on performance and potential throughout the process. Across our Technology division, we place much less emphasis on past academic grades and experiences, as these are known barriers to social mobility.

Across the business, we have diversity councils who are responsible for implementing our global D&I strategy at a local level. We’re also running flagship campaigns for each of our core areas. And we have a range of thriving employee networks to provide forums for discussion and to make sure everyone has rock-solid support.

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